Design is thinking
made visual.

His first contact with design took place at USM with Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer. Development of a steel construction system (USM Mini) made of 1.5 mm sheet steel. As head of the technical office at USM in Münsingen, he was also responsible for all subsequent developments such as the USM Midi steel construction system and the office furniture system.

These tasks led Biesenkamp to recognize the expanded concept of design. As a freelance designer, he founded the company Atelier Alinea with Werner Abt and designed the collection. The unit table from this collection became very well known and published in the relevant specialist presses around the world. Appointments as a guest lecturer at the Basel School of Design followed. Development of the office system Concept for Alias. Development of the Push Inn office system for Pallucco. The founding of the company's own company daskonzept in Thun made it possible to implement the expanded concept of design not only in the designarchiv collection, but also with the development of new forms of company for future office work. The concept group ag markets these ideas.


Design is thinking made visual.